Multipoint or UPVC locks are a locking systems which when locked secures the door at multiple points along the door jamb. The basic components of a multipoint system is the "Mech" visible along the edge of the door. The "keep" located on the door jamb. The cylinder usually Euro or Oval profile and finally the handle.

Operation of Multipoint UPVC Locks

Most UPVC locks operate on a lift lever system ie to lock you first lift the handle to engage the rollers or hooks into their relevant keep on the door jamb. The key is then inserted into cylinder and rotated to lock everything in place. Under 5% of multipoint locks we see in Edinburgh are purely key driven. With these locks the handle is fixed and the hooks and rollers are engaged the turning the key several times.

Common Faults of UPVC Locks

Here are some of the common problems Albany Locksmith Edinburgh see on a regular basis:

Cylinder faults from worn cylinders. To keys snapped of in the lock. Albany locksmith supply top quality six pin cylinders with anti drill protection available in brass or chrome finish and double Euro (key each side) or Key and turn key externally and knob internally.

Mech faults can be attributed to internal gearbox failure due to wear and tear or fragments of metal and plastic clogging up gears. Poor initial installation and alignment can cause users to force the handle up in turn creating stress on the lock and eventually leading to lock failure.

Most MPL faults advertise themselves before the locks completely fail. Albany Locksmiths find people who are locked out on a Multipoint locks have noticed problems for a considerable time before failure and think a spray of WD40 will cure the problem that never the case. So as soon as your lock start playing up contact us and arrange a visit there is a good chance calling a Locksmith early could save you money by preventing complete lock failure

Albany Locksmith Edinburgh stock a comprehensive range of locks and Gearboxes from the main MPL manufacturers such as Yale, Era, Fuhr, Lockmaster, GU, ASSA, Mila, Fullex, Avocet, KFV and Winkhaus. Should you have a Multipoint lock the is no longer manufactured we can supply and fit an alternative lock for you.

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