The Locksmith for Leith and Trinity

Fast response to North Edinburgh

The Leith and Trinity ward covers a large area of Edinburgh. With Albany Locksmiths Edinburgh being based in Orchard Brae we can respond super fast to any emergency lockout request. With response times of 10 minutes for Trinity and 15 minuted for the Shore, Docks and Salamander Street.

The area is certainly diverse with predominantly older more traditional properties in Trinity to more modern properties at the ever expanding Waterfront. We get a lot of communal tenement lock and entry system repairs along the Leith walk and Great Junction St.

In the recent past we have dealt with a spate of break-ins along Western Harbour drive. Apparently the Crooks had cottoned on that many of the new residents where young professionals who leave for the day early morning not returning until evening. they would gain enrty via the communal door when the cleaners left. Therefore having free reign of the empty building. Add to that the fact that there are power sockets in the common stairwell this was a golden opportunity because (as with many new builds) these properties came barley adequate locks. So the main focus was to get the properties more secure by fitting British Standard deadlocks, anti-snap cylinders and letterbox cowls.

The Dudleys area near Newhaven is one of the areas in Edinburgh the incorporate double or "storm" front doors. These doors are rebated or stepped. This causes a problem when installing a new deadlock. In addition to the lock you need the corresponding rebate kit to match the door and lock. As for adding night latches to these doors some just won't fit only experience of dealing with many storm doors over the years will ensure these doors have the correctly installed secure locks.


A view of Western Harbour Drive, Leith
Mortice Rebate kit