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Helping You Prevent a Burglary

Many burglaries are crimes of opportunity. If you know your home or office security looks poor, so will a thief. Statistics show that properties with little security are 15 times more likely to be burgled than those with good security. Look at your house through the eyes of an intruder and ask yourself "how would I get in undetected?" It doesn't need to take much effort or cost much money to secure your home. Below we have a list of actions you can take to reduce the chance of your property being burgled:

Outside your home

Prevent intruders from entering your garden or common stairwell meaning they are less likely to be able to enter your home. Good external lighting make intruders feel vulnerable. Motion sensor lights are relatively cheap and easy to install. Illuminate high-risk areas. Keep all gates that allow access to the side or back of your home securely locked. Ensure fences are in good condition. Thorny hedges like Berberis or Pyracantha around the perimeter of your garden will help deter intruders. Burglars often being opportunists will use anything at hand, so remove any bricks or large stones, secure ladders and garden tools. Make his life difficult and he's less likely to attack your property.


Two thirds of burglars gain entry through a door. Patio doors are especially vulnerable as they can easily be lifted off their tracks. If the cost prohibits replacing the doors with something more secure you can fit security bolts to stop them being lifted up. Insurance companies are now requiring all external wooden doors be fitted with 5-lever mortice locks tested to BS: 3621. UPVC doors should have 5 point multipoint locks fitted. Door chains allow a door to be opened a short distance to allow for checking of identification and can stop callers pushing their way in, but the screws need to be securely fitted. Door viewers can help to identify callers before you open the door. Refer to our list of locksmith services for the Edinburgh and the Lothians.


If a thief can get their head through a window, with a bit of effort the body can usually follow through. So be careful of leaving even small windows such as skylights and bathroom fanlights open. Keep your windows closed when you leave your home and have window locks fitted to prevent them from being forced open.

Garages and Out-buildings

The same principles as above pertain. Light exposed areas. Where possible wooden doors should be fitted a good 5-lever Mortise Lock. A good tip is to use a glass frosting spray on any windows, this will still allow light in but obscure prying eyes. Evaluate what you are storing in a garage. Most up and over doors have minimal security. So consider having a garage defender bar fitted.


This is only a brief guide to securing your property in Edinburgh. Please contact Albany Locksmiths for a free, no obligation security survey.